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Hi there, how is it today? Great that our connection didn’t let up again.

Well last night we just got interested in giving one of our favorite wedding venues a review. We do not intend to write a marketing piece for them but just to look at their facilities with the aim of assisting you our reader make a decision concerning your wedding venue if you haven’t yet passed that stage in your palling process.

St Lucia Park is located in Marlborough in Harare just close to the Standard Chartered Sports Club off Harare Drive. It’s basically a venue that is designed to be a superb training facility formerly owned by Delta Corporation but now jointly owned by the RBZ and ZIMRA (great combination isn’t it?). As a footnote, amazingly it has remained largely independent and undefiled of any political persuasion.

We have been using St Lucia Park for at least 3 years for various activities which has really made us get exposed to every bit and piece of their facilities and services. Certainly, one thing that is remarkable and outstanding and which you might consider if you are looking for a wedding venue is their well maintained and beautiful garden. Most of the year they try to keep their grass green even though at times it’s not really as green but ok. There is really good landscape that can accommodate we sure up to 500 people and more. You also won’t be disappointed by their bathrooms as these are well kept.

Another great advantage that St Lucia Park has got is that of on site accommodation. They have got about 30 rooms and this is great if you plan to have some guests sleeping over right at the venue resources permitting.

During the period that we have used this venue we have witnessed over 20 weddings meaning there is something that draws couples to settle for this place as their wedding venue. One thing we know is that it’s because the staff over there that is really welcoming, friendly and efficient. If you have VIP people for your wedding you are sure not to be disappointed.

You, however, need to be aware, at least from our inquiries with them, that they do not have their own wedding equipment such as marquees, round tables, and chairs amongst other things. In fact they recommend Rooney’s which they appear to have worked with for sometime but we guess you are still free to hire you own company according to your pocket. The food done by these guys is also very nice… boy they can cook! We especially like their cake dessert.

Well since you are online, you might want to check out their website on

UPDATE: September 2009 - You may contact Tsitsi Chimbunde at St Lucia Park by email here. Mention Zimbridal to her it might just help in the negotiations:)

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  1. Thank you for such a great site,it is so helpful,espeacially for some of us who are out of the country,keep up the good work!!

  2. hi guys, thank u so much for your website, great help for us abroad. however can we get more up to date info please 2010 or what 2011 holds for those looking to wed in the beloved Zimbabwe.

    fadzai, UK