Zimbabwe Wedding Venue: I was at Wild Geese today

Yesterday as I was driving home with my wife I got a call from Seb from Wild Geese. The conversation started off difficult because the phone was "breaking". Well in the end Seb invited me in for a chat today (Thursday) we agreed at 11am at his office.

Sometime back I wrote about Wild Geese here on this site. The title of the post was Wild Geese Might Just Be For You.  What I saw today compelled me to write yet again about them. Seb took me around the Lodge showing me different things they are doing to make their facility world class. As all this was going on I was in constant thought; what can I tell the hundreds of visitors who throng Zimbridal every week about what am seeing here.

In our conversation Seb did his best to point out to me that contrary to widely held views Wild Geese is not expensive. To be honest I was suprised to hear that because all along I had kept the mentality that the venue offers value for money. He then did a quick comparison with many other Zimbabwe wedding venues that people use around Harare.

I learnt one thing from his 1 minute illustration; folks lose out a lot because they never take time to thoroughly compare things. This is the thing with people. In fact I think it's a general "poison" that people don't seem to be afraid of in life. It's a deceiving line between value for money and expensive. All in all it turned out that Wild Geese (everything put together) is actually cheaper than most places that people eventually take up as their Harare wedding venue of choice.

Well I thought Seb was objective and fair in his analysis and I invited him to do a guest post on the blog, which I hope he will soon do;  perhaps giving general advise on wedding planning in Zimbabwe ( I mean he has probably over 8 years experience in the field).

I am happy that before I left Wild Geese I managed to get something which I think is valuable to readers of this blog (I wasn't really prepared to take that drive - even though short -but for nothing). We agreed with Seb that ALL orders (bookings) that will come through Zimbridal for wild Geese will receive a discount on the bill.

I personally think this is something meaningful. There is nothing as lifting as a dollar saved when planning a wedding. I have been there. What if you could extend your honeymoon stay with that dollar. Savings are never bad to many of us I suppose.

Well I will be announcing that arrangement here soon, hopefully in a few days. I will then disclose all the nitty gritties of this arrangement in terms of how you can go about getting your discount. In the mean time have a look here on their website

Update: Do you wish to wed at Wild Geese?  Email us here stating date, number of guests, starting time, garden or indoor. Please include a contact name and number  in Zimbabwe- for a special quote.
To Your Special Day!


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