Zimbabwe Wedding Service Provider  Interview: WinLian Decor

I recently had an exchange with the owner of one of Zimbabwe's top wedding planning and decor service providers, Grace. I have included a few pictures of some of her work for you to read the interview in context. Am looking forwarding to bringing you lots more informative and educating interviews from a wide range of wedding related service providers to help you have a prosperous day!

Aurther: Grace, thank you for your time and welcome to this interview with Zimbridal. We know that your company WinLian Decor is has been in business for some reasonable period of time. Would you like to briefly give us an overview of your business?

Grace: Thank you for the Opportunity to Talk to you about our Business. WinLian Décor is pretty much a one-stop solution for Brides who are planning their Wedding Day in Zimbabwe regardless of where they are in the world. We offer a Personalised Wedding Planning service to couples where each wedding is individual and tailored to the couples dream day. We also  offer Décor Hiring services which extend from Tents, to chairs and tables, Table Lines, chair-covers and sashes in a wide variety of colours, Vases and all things decor. We Pride ourselves in providing innovative and modern décor items such as LED Spot lights, Submersible lights for vases and Gell fillers that bring that beautiful modern look to any Wedding or events. We make sure that every bride is taken care of from the first stages of planning to their wedding day.

Aurther: We notice that your business has three representative offices i.e in Harare, Zimbabwe, in the UK and in the USA. What made you come to this decision and how does this arrangement directly benefit Zimbabweans who are planning to wed in Zimbabwe?

Grace:  We realised that there are Zimbabwean Brides, all over the world who wish to plan their wedding in Zimbabwe and do not have a point of contact to help them with the process and so we have consultants in the countries mentioned to make the process of planning easier for those Brides planning remotely. It has worked very well for us and are happy to say we have even helped brides as far away as Australia , it makes couples feel more secure in the knowledge that they have a close contact that they can turn to at any time or day.

Aurther: Thanks for the pictures of some of your work that you have provided us with here. We are putting them up on the blog for our visitors to see. Clearly, we can tell by looking at the pictures that your company is advanced in what it is good at. What can you tell our readers  about the type of Zimbabwe wedding venue they need to select if they are to get this kind of WOW presentation?

Grace: Well, It does not really make a difference where the Wedding is held as we strive to make sure that your event is amazing in any setting. Our job is to transform the venue to what the client is envisioning and am glad to say we have always done exactly that. Whether it be your lovely yard or a beautiful venue, we will tailor the décor to your requirements.

Aurther: In your long period of time in this business, what has been your observation of mistakes made by couples planning to wed when it comes to their wedding planning as well as decor for their wedding? What would you emphasise on if you would get a one to one advice session with them?

Grace:  I’m glad you asked that, as I have always noticed the one mistake that couples make is not starting their planning process early enough. A wedding is a big day and giving enough planning time will ensure you get all the details right to avoid disappointment on your big day, as you so eloquently put it in a previous blog ‘your wedding is your brand’ and should be protected. Couples should also maintain  a close working relationship with their service providers as this ensures that both parties are on the same page guaranteeing that the couples vision is not compromised.
With regards to décor, I would advise couples to have a clear idea of what they like. Using Inspiration boards (see website) as we do, will help them to clearly define their theme and colours. Remember however that your wedding day should be fun and reflective of who you are so don’t be afraid to make bold choices and do something different!! – Your wedding should show your personality.

Aurther: Your company profile is quite impressive i must admit in terms of what you have on offer for hire. In your opinion what is it that couples that are wedding should hire and what is it that they should buy to keep?

Grace: Thank you for the compliment we are always looking for ways to bring world class standards to our Zimbabwean Brides, In terms of things to hire, I would say all equipment such as chairs, tables, tents, chandeliers the big things… as you only use them once. Our personalised products such as paper napkins with Groom and Brides names on them which are specific to their wedding and favour items for guests would be the items that I would recommend to buy and keep. Couples will be glad to know that we do offer these personalised products such as those above and can have a look at our range on the WinLian Decor website.

Aurther: Finally, thank you again for this interview. We trust we will be able to talk to you again in the near future about some aspects of wedding planning seeing you are a also seasoned expert in wedding planning. But before you go we just would like to ask what is it that you put on the table for our readers who are planning to wed should they go with you for their wedding planning or wedding decor?

Grace : At  WinLian Decor, we provide professional consultation and planning services for weddings and events in Zimbabwe for Brides residing in or out of the country. Our passionate and qualified staff will work with you all the way to create unforgettable magical moments. Our services include, but are not limited to:
Wedding Decor 
Wedding Planning
Event Decor
Wedding Gown Hires
Floral Arrangements
On the day coordination
We assist couples with making their dream a reality. From design and creation to logistics, we can work with you to ensure that every detail is perfectly planned and that your day turns out just as you had imagined it! : Thank you for having us and will look forward to speaking again the future.

You may contact Grace for any further inquiries on this EMAIL.

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